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Comprehensive Coverage for Complete Protection

Homeowners insurance protects you from significant financial losses if your place of residence and/or the things inside it are damaged.  One doesn’t need to own a home in order to use homeowners insurance; one simply needs to have a dwelling. 


In most cases, homeowners insurance is required.  Even if it is not required however, this type of insurance is good to have.  At Bieker Insurance Agency, Inc., we know the risks and exposures that homeowners face and how important it is to protect against these risks and exposures.  We help you secure this protection through comprehensive insurance solutions. 


Not all insurance is created equal, and comprehensive coverage is tailored to each individual.  We make sure that your policy uniquely reflects you individual needs and circumstances.  We also make sure that it fits your budget. 


Contact a member of our expert team today to get started creating an insurance plan that’s right for you. 


What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance covers a wide variety of liabilities and can come in numerous different plans.  Most homeowners policies are general and broad and provide basic coverage.  This basic coverage does not protect against many risks however, and can be insufficient to many homeowners. 


There are three essential levels of coverage: actual cash value, replacement cost, and guaranteed or extended replacement cost.  Each level represents a different amount of financial protection.  Regardless of which level of coverage you choose, your homeowners policy will most likely cover at least some of the most common damage-related costs, including interior/exterior, personal belongings, personal liability, and rented home costs. 


At Bieker Insurance, we believe strongly in comprehensive coverage, but we do not believe in this coverage costing too much.  To a certain degree, your premiums will reflect the amount of coverage you choose, but other factors will help determine the price.  Your geographic location, lifestyle, and general records are among them.  These and other factors are integral to not only determining what your coverage costs but what discounts and benefits you can receive.  We will work with you closely to maximize your opportunities to take advantage of these discounts and benefits.


The best way to start is to examine your needs and then a list of coverage options that can meet these needs.  Our coverage options include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Homeowners Liability
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Scheduled Property Insurance
  • In-Home Business Insurance 

The homeowners insurance landscape is difficult to navigate.  This is one reason why it is wise to speak with a licensed insurance professional about your coverage before making coverage purchases.  At Bieker Insurance, we can help you find coverage that not only helps mitigate the risks you face and/or may face, but that matches your budget.  Contact one of our expert agents today to get started.

Why Bieker Insurance?

There are a lot of things that make homeowners insurance complex.  Costs, for example, do not come only in the form of premiums but in extra costs that relate to your personal circumstances more than your coverage.  This and other things are seldom known to the layman but are familiar to insurance professionals.  For this reason and others, consulting with an insurance professional is a smart way to ensure that you get the right coverage.


At Bieker Insurance, we make sure that you understand every aspect of your policy.  We consult with you to find the ideal match between your needs and coverage.  This way, you can make the best decisions possible.   We stay in touch with you throughout the year to ensure that your coverage protects you continuously and that you’re satisfied. 


We have a vast claims network of national insurance carriers that allows us to ‘shop’ on your behalf for the right coverage.  Our experience and expertise allow us to work quickly and efficiently and to have quick turnarounds if and when claims are filed.  Our staff is trained to answer all of your questions and knows you personally.  These and other elements of our services give you a complete insurance experience and peace of mind. 


We are committed to maximizing your coverage for minimal costs and to being friendly and efficient.  Our commitment is expressed in every service we provide.  For more information and to find out about your policy options, please contact us.   


Bieker Insurance proudly provides home insurance in Hays, Ellis, Victoria, Ness City, Hanston, and Larned, Kansas and surrounding areas. 


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